Saturday, 27 July 2013


Today I meet up with a lot of bloggers in that there London town, to mingle, gossip and catch up on goings on in the blogging world. It's a as meet up should be, a time to mingle with old friends and met some new ones.

Did I get any photos? Urm.. No - I was to busy laughing my head off with Bex, Lisa, Clare, Natalie and a few others (please let me know who you are! I have a terrible memory at the moment, it would nice to get your blog links). We were the slightly louder table by the bar, who were talking quite animated and constantly laughing.

I also want to thank everyone who came up and said congratulations on the pregnancy, it really did meant a lot especially as now I am showing a bump and not looking a little bit fat anymore. I ask forgiveness that I didn't mingle as spent the whole thing sat in a chair, as I was suffering one of the joys of pregnancy which is swollen ankles.

As normal with these events I missed saying hello to several people and my apologies for this.

I had a fantastic day and the last HUGE thank you goes to Helen who has worked really hard (a nod to Grace who I know helped and everyone who helped as well). A well organised day and over generous gifts for all the attendees. Also a huge shock for a beauty blogger in a beauty department store - I didn't buy anything!

Time to put my hot, tired feet up ....

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