Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Music Tag

Don't you hate it when you want to blog but cannot think of anything to blog. I do also look like a wookie on a bad hair day at the moment. While I wait for my afternoon of getting glam once again (Hairdresser, threading etc.), I shall provide you another insight into my little world by doing Makeup-Pixi3's Music Tag that she did a few months ago.

What’s your favourite type of music?

I am a rock fan, I am however not limited to that. I have a huge mixture of music in my collection thanks to my pop loving mum, jazz loving dad and hip-hop rap brother. I also find my music taste depends on the weather, mood and what I'm doing while playing music. Most of my music has all got some kind of memories attached to it, it's amazing how it can transport you to another time and place.

What’s your least favourite type of music?

As I find I am getting a little bit older now, there are some trendy music that I just don't get. Sampling done well is brilliant but most of the time it makes me feel nostalgic for the orginal. Not the biggest fan of County and Western, just cannot get into it really.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Within Temption - an amazing rock band with a operatic lead vocalis. Got towards the front, danced sang and moshed happily away. They played every single song I loved and I even caught the drumstick of the support band. I even managed to get the train home in time to sneak into my weekly local and met my mates.

What albums are you listening to at the moment?

Currently listening to The 2nd Law by Muse. Husband and I are big fans of Muse, all of tables at our wedding were their song tittles and our first dance was 'Endlessly'.

I am also a huge fan of a Canadian band called Barenaked Ladies (most known for the mid 90's hit One Week), they have released their new album 'Grinning Streak' so I've been listening to the uploaded version on youtube while I wait for it to arrive. The 'Fun' album is on my wish list currently.

What's your favourite bands/artists & favourite albums?

Favourite albums:

Stunt - Barenaked Ladies
The Heart Of Everything - Within Temptation
21 - Adele
Greatest Hits of Queen (Yes I know that's cheating but it's well loved - Great memories of blasting it out of my friends Skoda on the way to watch F1 at Silverstone)

If you could instantly know how to play any instrument, what would it be?

I did want to play guitar and owned two, but because I have really small hands I never got very far. I learnt to play keyboards on an organ in my dining room, I played clarinet at school (but gave up after I fainted in a lesson) and sang in the school choir. I also did and failed my music GCSE's. I was happy to sing and dance, my Saturday nights were spent doing this to The Prodigy



  1. Love it! Within Temption sound really interesting :D


    1. :D They are very good, the concerts are amazing! xx

  2. Not seen this tag before! I'm a bit of a rock girl too. You have a really similar music taste to my other half!

    Ria x

    1. It's why I picked it, something a little bit different to the norm :) x


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