Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Being a Wee Bit Broke and the Start of Spending Ban

I have mentioned a few times before that our funds have been very tight since I had to take a job that was a lower in pay. I'd rather of taken the job that have to watch another minute of daytime TV, it was slowly sucking my soul. A few months back we also moved out of our two bed roomed house into an annex adjoined to my husbands family, its taken time to settle but its getting there.
This does mean for a while, while the house goes on the market, funds are slim on the ground. This leads me into the spending ban, I noticed that Tales of a Pale Face was looking for volunteers to do a one month ban, I thought it wouldn't hurt for a month to see if I can not give in to my buying impulses.
So these are the rules:
1. Obviously, no beauty purchases unless I run out of cotton pads or similar.
2. No Magazines - I have four subscriptions, two of which are free magazines.
3. No books - I have nearly 40 that need to be read
4. Walk - Now the nights are lighter I can walk more home, that big uphill climb will also mean I'm getting some exercise.
5. Take packed lunches to work 4 times a week - I work 5 so the spare is a 'just in case'
6. Birthday presents can be brought during this time, I'm not that mean. (A new outfit does not count)
I'm just hoping that my first update is not, "I spent all my money."
Blog sale is also coming soon


  1. Good luck! I should probabLy force myself to join you as I've definitely been spending too much lately, especially since I'm also saving up for a big move. I know I'm going on a weekend away at the end of May though, and that will definitely involve shopping, so might have to cut it short at 28th! That's still 4 weeks though so almost good enough.
    Mel x

    1. Good luck as well, I'm going to London end of July so I'm completing sticking to the ban but saving some money to treat myself then so I've got something to look forward to. x


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