Thursday, 23 May 2013

Normal Service Will Resume

I wanted to add a note on here to say a thank you to everyone while I took sometime out when I found out I was expecting. It's been a bit of a mad time recently, but I had my dating scan this morning (this is where they find out how far along you actually are) and I am confirmed at seven weeks with my due date now 10th January. It even has a little heartbeat that they managed to find, and yes, I did well up with tears as I was really worried. They confirmed that baby is developing well and going strong, this means I can finally relax a bit more.

Work has also cut down my hours so I'm not over working while I'm feeling really unwell. I cannot thank them enough for this as the morning sickness is the worst thing ever in pregnancy, just you think you start to understand it, it completely changes. Also the doctor has ordered me to try and relax more, before she starts forcing me to slow down, I said this to Hubby and his reply was, "Do you even know how to relax?"

The spending ban is going well, the only thing I've had to buy was some pregnancy vitamins as I had ran out, and I did treat to a £5 Chinese when I really couldn't be bothered to cook one night when Hubby wet out with his work. I have however learnt that I have way more beauty stuff than I knew and have be hiding it in various places. I will not need to buy skincare/make up for a while (hubby wants to include nail varnish but that's not going to happen!). I haven't had any magazines as Bubba has also been distracting me enough as I cannot stay awake enough to read.

If you like to follow my pregnancy and more general ramblings I will be doing more on my tumblr page The Many Things of Unevenlemming as I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I would like somewhere to document it (well somewhere to have rants about it). This weekend is a matter of tying up some loose ends and then a lot of weight will be lifted from my shoulders.

From next week: Normal service will resume


  1. Congratulations :) I hope the pregnancy goes really well and the sickness stops soon for you! Love Amy x


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