Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Falling in Amour for Bourjois Cream Blush

I think we need to take a step back for a moment and think that the high street staple, Bourjois, is 150 years old. Everyday there are hundreds of beauty brands launching themselves to be the next big thing, while Bourjois has stood the test of time. They have still stayed on trend as well as keeping their delicate french charm.

I do own a few bits like the odd eye shadow, but recently I have started longing for the Healthy Mix Foundation, which when I went to London one of the girls dug out of her handbag for me to look at. Instantly loved the scent and *fanfare* the colour was perfect. This is my next foundation purchase for sure, then there was the limited edition lilac shimmer intense eye shadow from the beginning of the year (I'm still hunting this down). Oh, and I better not forget the Rainbow Connection 1-Second nail varnish, multi coloured glitter in a sheer pink/purple base.

Now onto my new Bourjois want, the new Cream Blush. A light cream to powder blush that produces a soft glow rather than something you feel like you are removing a layer of skin trying to blend. It has poppy extract to make it feel more comfortable feel, apricot extract for a healthy glow and mango extract for a softer touch. There are 4 colours: Nude Velvet, Healthy Glow (an apricot tone), Rose Tender and Sweet Cherry (Brown/Rose tone), and think that the majority would suit all skin tones.

All I can add is, "Damn you spending ban"

Available now in exclusively in Selfridges until 15th May where they will be in Boots, Superdrug and ASOS for the sum of £7.99


  1. so you didn't buy?! what? i always keep buying that foundation its like one i can rely on and then i try out others in between.hehe. not sure how cream blush would look on me,never tried before. Well done for keeping to ur spending ban just think ur wishlist is getting longer... xx

    1. I currently have two foundations on the go, so I want to them finished first. The wishlist is getting huge, I'm probably going to spend the money I save! x


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