Monday, 2 April 2012

Sickness and How to survive it

The past two days I've been ill with a cold, you know one of those hot/cold flushing, can't breath, can't sleep, where everything takes effort and up to an hour to do one simple task. I hate colds, I do lie on the sofa and wail that I am dying where I full well know I'll be ok enough in a few days. The worst bit is I have a job interview on Wednesday morning to start working for Arden Beauty as an account manager, so this is no small interview, I'd really have to know my stuff and have a face full of make up (I'm not even going to show you how bad my skin is right now). A battle plan was made:

1. An arsenal of cold/flu meds was created and administrated at regular hours. Vitamin C is started as soon as there is a tickle, this will at least shorten the time it takes hold. I like the hot drink cold/flu stuff as the steam is good for loosen nasal goo, gives you an excuse to ask hubby to put the kettle on (which I am really grateful for).

2. Tissues and lots of them, and to stop it spreading I flush them down the loo so I lower the chances of hubby getting it. With the cloth hankies, boil wash them as soon as you're done with them.

3. Fluids - and lots of them, not only will it hydrate you (because my appetite disappears with a cold) but the walks to the loo will at least get you moving hourly so you don't get cramp.

4. Sleep - Do and when you feel like, you're body is fighting and rest so it gather troops for another round of fighting. If you can't sleep at night, Night Nurse is the best thing ever! (Read labels and check with the pharmacist to see if it won't cause you more harm than good).

You will feel like rubbish until the cold starts to come through, then it'll be less rubbish and you'll sound stuffy. You might want to adventure out and start getting back to normal. Make up wise keep it simple, mascara, lip balm, cream concealer over the red bits and little flush of blush. As soon as you feel the start of feeling better, have a freshen up - You will not have the energy before to change out of PJ's let alone wash. Use lots of moisturiser and keeps that skin well watered, when I do finally leave here I will be using my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to get some healthy glow on me.

For now I need my next cold/flu drink, a snuggle with hubby (with face mask on so he doesn't get it), and sleeeeeeeeep.

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