Thursday, 5 April 2012

Masterclass - Hands

aka. Show me your jazz hands.

Other than our feet these are the other part of our body that works the hardest. They helps us grip, carry, lift, and take a lot of punishment. They need TLC to keep them in the best conditicon possible, it's like with any equiptment that need constant manintence to work the best they can.

The hands themselves are made up of 27 bones, grouped the same as the feet - Phalanges (finger/toes), Metacarpals (Palm/foot), Carpals (wrist/ankles). The skin is the same, a hard wearing tough skin which cannot tan (unless you forget to take self off your hands), on the hands it can be also senstive. as the same as the feet this skin doesn't have any sebum glands to naturally moistuse this.

The thing I find interesting is that the hands do not contain any muscles it all, it is controlled by tendons that go through the palm and up to the mid arm. The movement is controlled through a pulling movement like a puppet.

The mystery of why your skin still wrinkles after a bath still continues - One theory is that it is connected with the nerves in the skin as well as not having a natural mosturiser. Any more theories?

Your hands can also give a lot away, they constantly exposed to the elements and life. This iswhy they do need constant TLC. A good hand cream with SPF would be a must, this will protect the skin on the top as this will also slow down the aging process. Theres nothing worse than you face look wrinkle free to then have your hands show how old you really are.

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