Wednesday, 25 April 2012

In The News - Lush's 'Fighting Animal Testing' Campaign

Between 1980's and 1990's the public found out that their lipsticks, eyeshadows etc where actually tested by cosmetics companies on animals to ensure they are "safe" for human use. As you imagine there was a huge public outcry regarding this, and whilst waiting for the legislation companies who wanted to shun this practice adapted their own code of coduct. This clearly stated to customers where they stand regarding the practice of animal testing.

So far so good, the companies have a volunteer register mark to show customers that they do not test on animals, but only in the counteries where no laws are needed to protect animals. In 1993 it became illegal to experiment on animals for cosmetic purposes in UK, and 2004 in Europe.

Now this is where the grey area starts the final product must not be tested on animals, but the ingrediants can be tested on animals and not declaired. In some asia counteries it still requires extra safety tests which can include animal testing.

Lush yesterday starting their new campaign in the most eye catching and talked about way they can. They are teaming up with the Humane Society International to spearhead they campaing to ban all kinds of cosmetic testing around the world. They are campagining for the all out sales ban (that is  that is due March 2013) to still go ahead; The European Comission are looking to either delay it or put a loophole for companies still to continue.

In Regent Street yesterday they set up their own lab, where they experimented on their own human guninea pig to show what animals around the world suffer every single day. Jacqueline Traide was tied up, force fed, experimented on with lotions and humilated to the public (she did volunteer and worked alongside artist Oliver Cronk). The main diffrence is that she got to go home at the end of it while most animals don't and die within these experiments.

I am not posting any of the pictures of yesterday events as I would think that some people would find it distressing (researching the whole of this article was distressing for me). However if you do want to read more on this and Lush's Campaign the links are below:

Daily Mail article on yesterday

Lush's Fighting for Animal Testing page This also includes how you can also support the campaign

Lush/Humane Society Press Release

With the development of techinology, there should be no reason for this to be carrying on. If you want to find out if what you are using is cruelty free you can check on Go Cruelty Free

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