Monday, 9 April 2012

25th Annversary Collection Palette

I entered the Collection (formally Collection 2000) competition to go to the 25th Birthday party, didn't make it to the party. However I did get the 100 runners up prize which was this stunning palette with a selection of 25 colours from the range of their palettes.

Now I have had a play with it and the photos haven't come out fantastic (a mixture of bad camera work and me still full of cold). I really like the mixture of colours that are in there, that pink in the middle is just creaming look at me. When you use them they are not as scary as they look, they do need some building up (yes including that pink!), it's a great start if you want to get into some colour but. like me, are a little out of you comfort zone.

I do love Collection cosmetics, I've used a majority of the range and haven't really come across anything I really dislike. As a brand I think they hit their target market perfectly - their a great mixture of good quality product with something that is easily fashionable and fresh, that doesn't hit the purse so you can feel not too bad treating yourself.

Have a look at the newly funkified Collection website here

Next few days I have two special posts coming out - One for my wedding anniversary tomorrow and one on Wednesday for my 30th birthday, so keep an eye out for them :)

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