Saturday, 21 April 2012

Scotland 2012

My wonderful birthday treat from my hubby was a trip to Scotland for the week (along with my in-laws). We stayed a few minutes from Gleneagles (more known for Ryder Cup golf), and even better 10 minutes away from The Famous Grouse distillery. I do have a liking to a few wee drams of the stuff and when the assistant said I can try anyone I want (apart from the £10,000 bottle). I couldn't be rude and refuse not to try one or six *Hic*

It was a generally week of putting feet up and enjoying the wildlife and peace of Scotland. We had a resident pheasant that got fed everyday and I knew his call so I always on the look out for him. We visited Perth which is a gorgeous little town to stroll around.

One of the best things we did was visit a Crannog on River Tay (Scottish Crannog Centre) - A Crannog is a Bronze age dwelling that was built over lochs to protect itself from attack while overlooking its land. They are all made of the natural resources like the trees and wool. They have remade one so you can go inside and experience some of their life like making fire (as my hubby tried) or making flour (like I did). The Crannog was really sturdy and was surprisingly cosy, it was good enough for two ducks to nest in there.

I dearly love Scotland and was really sad to leave, the live up there is completely different to the live 'down south', within days we were friends with the locals unlike here which took months. The main thing for me was the animals - I love wildlife and getting outside for me was perfect. I spent hours of my holiday just watching everything run about, bliss.

(Note: On holiday the make up is given a holiday as well. Hiking in make up doesn't work!)

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