Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NOTD - Vamp by Leighton Denny

Now months ago when I ordered my BBBBeautyBox Number 3 my eagle eyes spotted this mini polish in the luxury sample zone of LatestinBeauty. I have seen this brand at numerous trade shows and have their colour charts but had never came round to owning one. This is also after watching many hours of him painting nails on QVC, I have even resisted temptation.

The polish is what you expect from a pro, easy to paint on, leaving an even and level finish. The brush holds enough of the lacquer so it paints on well without overloading. It took two thin coats to get the correct coating here and dries in a reasonable time. I would be confident to pick Beth up if she was crying after a few minutes of painting.

RRP £11.00 for 12ml of varnish. I have my eye on Hollywood collection's emerald green, Click Click Flash Flash.


  1. Vamp is such a nice colour, especially for autumn/winter!

  2. This is such a lovely colour and I love how glossy it looks :) xx

  3. I've worn this a few more time since this entry and adore it, got more colour than other styles. Thanks for the comments :)


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