Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bethany Update - Month 8

I know I say this every month, but the time has really flown by and she looks less and less like a baby and more like a small child. Photos like this really do make me melt and I cannot believe she's my child. You wouldn' think this time last week she had her first cold and couldn't settle her. I ended up sleeping a few nights on the sofa with her on my chest again so I can keep her upright and ensure that could breath through the cold. This did mean that I also got it too, but it was small price to pay.

At the last weigh in she was at 13lbs 3ozs and starting to up a centile to the 2nd, which made me overjoyed. She now has a healthy appetite and likes 2-3 meals a day (with dessert and a snack). She also still loves her bottles, which are decreasing, however she still wakes the odd night for a bottle. Her favourites are Pork and Apple pouches, apple with vanilla fruit pots, and Granddad's ham sandwiches he feeds her on a Wednesday.

We now move commando style across the floor, rolling, wiggling and swinging herself round on her stomach. It's like watching a spy sneaking across our floor, which is funny until she finds a cable! She likes to kick things and have already broken a bit of Hubby's computer by kicking the back of it. Bethany can sit up for a short amount of time and with something to support her, the biggest thing she started doing today was to start babbling actually recognisable sounds like ba and wah. I really think we are not long from having crawling too so hopefully that will be something to report on for next month.

I know I am bias, to me she just beautiful and to see her starting to understand things to another thing to get excited about. She's starting to try and test her boundaries with us, we are surprised it is so soon but she is a little mischief so we shouldn't be that much. We say no, she stops and looks, sometimes she stops and sometimes she carries on.

Her favourite toys at the moment is leaflets and bits of paper, it's a great use for any junk mail laying around. She loves seeing what she can do with it, as well as trying to eat it! My old neighbour was clearing out his daughters bits so we got lots of books and DVDs so we have lots of cuddle time together. My mum also gave me my old books I used to have read to me or I read from when I was a child. I love the fact that I can share my favourites with my little girl and she gets really excited when I bring a book out so I'm glad my love of books is starting to rub off.

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