Friday, 26 September 2014

Colds and The Lego Movie*

Beth then came down with a cold and then, it got Hubby and I with Bethany still full of it, game over.  This is where I dug out a load of DVD's and crashed on the sofa with Beth for the few days I had no energy. I had The Lego Movie recommended to me and got given my own copy to watch by my affliates,

The Lego Movie follows the life of Emmett, an ordinary construction worker who lives the folows the same routiine everyday, but this is threatened by President Business the head of the Lego world. Only the 'Special One' can stop him and Emmett is about to discover that he is it. With his friends behind him, he tries to stop the Kragle from making the Lego Universe going into statis. Voice talents inclusde Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Glalaxy), Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson.

As an animation and Lego fan I was looknig forward to this, I was glad not to be dissappointed. I do need to supply a warning, "Everything is Awesome" is a earworm song, it will invade your brain whether you like the movie or not. You will fight humming it. I found it went a good pace with a good hit rate of jokes, and it can appeal to all ages so covers all the family.

I did find myself get all nostigic about all the old lego, they refer to the part numbers often as well as the old instruction books. I even was telling Hubby about the pieces I had and had wanted. By the end I was tiching to grab some Lego and be a Master Builder myself.

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  1. I loved the Lego movie, I don't think I have a bad word to say about it :D

    Danniella x

  2. I adore the Lego Movie :-) When I saw it at cinema I don't think I could contain my laughter when the Kragle reveal was made!!

    1. Kragle is genuis, needs to be seen to be believed!


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