Monday, 8 September 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips at Poundworld

I never fell for the hype first time round, to me it just looked like a over hyped chapstick (and chaptick is cheaper). Twitter, my instant fountain of knowledge, has rumours flying round that the Poundland/Worlds have been reciving these as stock, already being in town I decided to hit both stores and see if they were true. As you can see from above, yes it is.

What I can tell from the packaging is that these are from Asia or thereabouts (I'm sorry I am only guessing). They are still sealed up and promise exactly the same as the 'normal' Baby Lips. I got two flavours, a peach and watermelon, they remind me of Jolly Raucher boiled american sweets that were avaiable about 15 odd years ago (Watermelon was my favourite).

There is nothing Wow about them and nothing different from any other lipbalm. If I had paid full price for them I would of been disappointed, but for a £1 you cannot really argue. It does the job, it keeps lips from drying out and the scent is a soft non in your face fruit. I do however now crave some Jolly Rauchers.

What's your flavour?


  1. They're Japanese baby lips! I have the Cherry one and it is more moisturising than the UK ones. I have like 8 of the UK ones hahahah :)

    Danniella x

    1. O.o That's a collection! I've spotted the yellow one now so that will need to be added to mine.


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