Monday, 4 August 2014

The Elevease Shower Step*

After I wrote about injuring my back post pregnancy, I was asked by the Elevease Shower Step to see if their product could be any use to me while I recover.

The step is an invention of college student Aoife O’Driscoll as a solution to the problem she had of shaving her legs in the shower. ElevEase not only solves the problem of shaving your legs in the shower, it is also great for exfoliating, tanning, moisturising and leg and foot care in general. It adheres to the side of the shower/bath at knee height.

Model not me, sorry
The problem I had when I injured my back is that I could not bend fully over and found it huge trouble to do any 'mainence' on myself. I did have a willing Husband to help but I would rather do these things myself and truth be told I went into labour with hairier legs than I wanted. I did find this really useful, It gave the much needed support so I could bring the lower leg/feet to me, rather than bend for them. 

 I have the white version which is £16.99 or there is the rather snazzy Chrome finish for £23.99, both available from I find this really useful and now with a nearly healed back, I still use it to prevent anymore injuries coming. I even now have one for my Mum who had a major back operation many years ago and is now disabled, she still gets help but she likes that fact that she has that option available if she feel she can use it.

 *Product was provided for my review, views are my own

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