Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bethany Update - Month 7

The Many Happy Faces of Bethany
We are now much more active, she is a little mischief now. She seems to roll over to all sorts of places where I have not Beth proofed yet. Her favourite is cables which are everywhere when you live with someone who works in IT! I now need to have keys everywhere as one minute she's smiling away and the next having a good chew on a (unplugged) cable while giggling away when I tell her off.

Where did you get that from young lady!?
There no signs of crawling yet, she does kicks her legs like she wants to. I love the way she now loves being on tummy and looks up at me with her big blue eyes with the biggest grin while flicking her legs away. Beth honestly doesn't keep still anymore, if she spots something she will figure a way to get there!
Her weight is still a slight issue at the moment, she's only put on a few oz's in the past weeks. We know two 3 monthish babies that are about the same weight as her now. She is still a very happy child (see above) and her appetite is getting bigger so I'm hoping that this is more with her moving more now.

Beth is also starting to pull her self up in sitting and with support likes to sit up. One of her favourite things to do is to sit with Hubby in her Tripp Trapp and watch what he is doing on the computer. She also likes to sit her mini sofa and watch Bake off with me on a Wednesday, before going to bed. It was strange to think that the last time it was on she was jumping around in my tummy all the way through the series.

First time on swings
A few weeks ago Beth was also the flower/ring girl at my Brother in Laws wedding, when the time came she decided that she wanted to put the rings in her mouth rather than hand them over. She was the most well behaved I could wish for, she let everyone hold her, was quiet during both ceremonies and was general heart melting in her little dress.

On to the good news, with Hubby back at work and our house sale nearly completed, I've decided to extend my maternity leave to the full year and enjoy every moment with Beth. Things are going to be a little tight, but I will never get this time back with her and I don't want to look back and regret. I'm loving every moment with her and she amazes me more and more each day (especially what she can find around the flat!)

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  1. Aww so glad to hear Beth is doing well. Also, how utterly adorable does she look in her little flower/ring girl dress!? :) Raspberrykiss xo


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