Sunday, 2 June 2013

End of Spending Ban

I officially finish tomorrow when I get my pay into my account, I'm not extending but I am still going to be keeping a few of the rules in place as I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would these include walking into work.

The thing I'm also proud of is that even though a lots of brands did offers over the mouth, namely the Illamasqua 50% sale, I didn't break and eagerly read other peoples haul posts and have added more items to my wishlist. I have even not brought anything for Bubba yet, however now the pregnancy is registered I have two bags full of freebies to go through and be stored for when they are here. This will change this week as I'm buying a moses basket off of my friend which is beautiful, hardly used and has been offered at the a great price.

I have realised that I have hoarded far too much, to the point that our flat could easily turn into one for the hoarders programme on channel 4. The aim of the next month is to try and shift some of this stuff out because it's now starting to over take us. The end of July I will be attending the London Bloggers Meet Up and want to be able to have a good clear out by then so I can have a shopping trip a lot less guilty.

Good luck to anyone who's decided to carry on or start one, give yourself a focus and go for it!

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