Friday, 14 June 2013

Concrete Mineral Eye Shadows

It's not often that I spot something on Twitter and stalk the website until something is launched, it's also even rarer after telling everyone how much I want the new launch that the company goes, "OK, we'll give you a few to play with as you like the look of them that much". This is honestly a dream come true and I cannot thank the company enough for the opportunity, they did not disappoint.

Concreat minerals were launched in 2009 with the purpose of providing pigment rich mineral make up that fun and funky, as well as preservative free they are 98% vegan friendly. For me the biggest pay off is the bright colour, which is rarely seen in a mineral make up. I wanted to wear them for a few weeks before actually writing about them. I would recommend putting a primer underneath just to extend the wearing life, but other than that they last well.

From top to bottom: Kinky, Smut, Hi-Fi and Bulletproof (In dull daylight, no primer)

In the Concrete range there are two sections: Concrete Minerals, which are you're shimmer everyday wearable colours, then the Pro-Matt which are you're screaming bights with a matt finish. The colour palette is the first one where I can look at all the colours and genuinely want every single one (even the Pro-Matt lime green called Toxic). When my skin finally behaves, I'm really wanting to for looks with these especially those bright matt colours!

They are available now at CutECOsmetics £6 for the Concrete Mineral and £7 for the Pro-Matt. Great value sets with brilliant names of Zombie Girl Collection, Sugar Skull Collection, Sugar and Spice Collection and Naughty and Nice Collection (Starting at £22 -£25).


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    1. The blue awesome, need to show it to it's full potential!

  2. The packaging is brilliant, love it! Ive come to visit and follow as I am coming to the #julylondonmeetup xx

    1. Hello! So excited for the meet up :) Packaging is really sweet x


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