Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Masterclass - Feet

aka. These boots are made for walking, And that's just what they'll do ( I know you're humming it!)

Think about this for a second, how much do you weigh (don't worry you don't need to say it out loud), then think about this all of that weighed is carried by your feet. You stand on them, walk, run and put them through a great punishment. Any shop worker will tell you the most horrid thing in their job is standing all day, I know mine used to scream by five o'clock.

The feet themselves are a mixture of more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The skin on the sole is more tougher because of it what it designed to do. Your feet also sweat a lot and because of this environment can be more prone to bacteria and infections, which are just not sandal wearing feet. The best way to conquer this is:

* Don't wear the same shoes two day in a row, this will still have moisture in from the previous day still (as it take 24 hours to dry) and will keep any fungi away.
* Shop late in the day for shoes, this is were the feet are at there hottest and swollen, so when you do wear them they will fit not matter what time of the day and will avoid blisters when they rub.
* Vary the heel size you wear - My mum has always worn the same size heels from teenage years and her muscles have grown that she can't walk anywhere without shoes on. If she tries she's in pain, and has always warned me about wearing heels (hence why I am a trainer girl).
* Wash your feet - clean the day away, it'll also cool and refresh the feet. If you've got the time get a foot designed scrub (they much courser than body scrubs) and buff away dead skin with a foot file to target problem areas (This really hurts when it get built up, I personally know). You'll find it a little hard at first.
* After washing smoother in feet cream, this will soften the feet and will also soften the harden skin which will make it easier to buff away.
* Put your feet up! I get swelling in my ankles and feet and find that the best relief is to lie down with the feet higher than my heart. I've been found in funny ways to try and get them to go down.
* Get the size of your feet checked, they do change year to year and you do want to new heels to look they're best :)

The best thing to do for your feet - treat yourself to pedicure and melt into the seat as the therapist works their magic. Yes I am trained to do it myself but there is nothing like it after a hard working day to let someone take care of you. Like with anything that doesn't look right go to the doctor, they've seen and heard everything.

Next week - Hands

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