Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Glossy Box Update

My box is now no more, it has been used and abused. It came in its alluring white box with 5 goodies for me to try out over the next past weeks, I, of course, obliged and didn't hang around to be told to. If you want to see the original post click here .

The one I most excited about was the Burberry lipstick in Rosewood, a lovely mixture of deep dusky pink and brown. This went one beautifully and was about two shades darker than my natural lip colour, lasting time was OK, around 6 hours for me including lunch and a coffee. Loved the smell a very light scent that didn't offend. Full price lipstick is about £23 which compared against most other high lipsticks is well within the price bracket.

Next was the 5 sachets of Erno Lazio face and eye creams, this was more a mystery considering according to the website that he has been in the business for 85 years. I found that the face creams wasn't marked clearly on the sachets what time they are used for (morning/evening), thank god I hadn't thrown the cardboard away (like I normally would do). Considering this is £175 for the set of 5, I wasn't really won over by this, it did what it was suppose to do and little else on top to warrant that kind of money.

Clarins Firming Cream lived up to the expectations, it was creamy, delicious and melted into the skin. The scent was a very delicate floral (which I am fan of). My only complaint it was a complete nightmare trying to get something so thick out of a whole so small. I ended up having to cut the top of the tube off just so I can get the stuff out! For £42 for the larger pot I think this would make a great luxury present for best mates or Mums, as you don't need a lot (my little tube in the end lasted about three showers).

Next was the Fendi perfume Fan Di Fendi, with notes of soft leather, jasmine and Petitgrain. It's very delicate and perfect for the gorgeous sunny weather we've had recently. I wore it seeing my friends and it has draw compliments that it smell divine. I love my fragrances and I know this is starting to become a favourite as it suits me really well. I am more than overjoyed with this choice.

And now my favourite of the box: The stunning Ojon Damage Reserve (more words here) Serum. I am in love this, I have thick, dyed, and frizzy hair. I also am very lazy and like to have a wash and go approach to it. I warmed two drops in my hands and smoothed it over the ends (as described) which had decided that day to be the least co-operative they've been. Ojon tamed them down into a glossy slightly exotic smelling hair I've had (it even came close those hair adds I sigh over). This was the one I seriously looked at buying, and ironically last week QVC was doing hours on the brand - There's a whole range! Ok price - £22 according to Harrods but I hunted around and you can get it cheaper and in value sets (see previous sentence). Hint: It's my 30th birthday in 2 weeks :)

What ab out Glossy themselves? Really can't fault them, I know reading other blogs there are rumblings that they didn't get what they wanted. That's not the point of these - They are sample boxes and depending on who supplies them it will be hit and miss. With this said I've had to sadly stop my subscription due to money problems (IE I have none!), but I will be back!

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