Friday, 9 March 2012

Masterclass - Eyes

aka - all about the peepers B )

I wanted to write this one seperate after writing one of the others, I could easily see the other blog entry doubling in size!

Your eyes are supposibily the windows to the soul, I know when I met my husband it was his eyes that I loved. We met when I was 15 and him 13 (cradle snatcher I Know), he has some really soft blue eyes that always twinkled when he was up to trouble (or at least thinking it), he still has that 13 yr old twinkle now. The great things about eyes they don't really age and they are individual to each person. Unfortantly, its the area around the eyes that give it all away!

Your eyes are also an opeining (things can get in and can get out). These can be a course of irritation and the list of illness can be very long. With anything that causes longterm irritation or anything that you feel doesn't feel "right" get it checked out by your GP (espically if people are running away in horror!). There one thing that floats around that is true: the skin around your eye is thinner, can be one of the dryest area, and most sensitive; so anything that you do chose to go on this area should be designed for that area.

Cleansers for here are designed with two things in mind - To take eye make up off as well as the dirt and grime that collects over the day on your lashes and eyelids. I find if you do wear waterproof mascara to find something is a little more oilier as this will dissolve any mascara, some you can find designed for senstive eyes as well. I did have to try out (and give away) a few brands before I found the perfect one so prepared to invest time and money into finding the right one (I ended up with a Boots own one that cost £1.42 and it does the job perfectly, while allergic to some that are £20 odd).

Same as washing the face the next bit to rehydrate, now this is where the big battle starts. People are very divided on whether its worth it. The main difference between an eye cream formula and a face cream formula is that an eye cream has less additives and more emoliments (yummy moisture stuff) than face cream. I would never take both of them right up to eye but up to the boney bit of the eye socket. I do notice the difference when I have used one, a lot more freasher and brighter. You can even use your serum around here as well as they're texture are very light and its concertrated in ingrediants.

Next week: The rest of the body (because that needs TLC too!)

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