Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Colds, Conjunctivitis and Ear Infections

This time last month, I had a tickle throat, thought nothing of it as it was hay fever season for me. It's part of the allergy for me, so I carried on. The next day it's developed into a cold, no problem I feel a bit rough for a few days and battle through. I really wish I knew what I knew now.

Hubby fell ill within 12 hours of my symptoms starting, we were fighting over the tissues as well as the cold. A few days came and went, we both still sniffling and getting worse. I waited to let it ride it's course until I woke up one morning with a crusted up eye and ear ache, got an emergency doctors appointment which then they took one look and said that conjunctivitis and ear infection. I was given eye drops and an ear spray to use for a week.

A week I did, the eye was better within days, but the ear got worse. As I now battling an infection, the cold hanged around so I was still blowing my nose still. One night my ear went pop, which is not unusual with a ear infection. A few days later I woke deaf on my left side with a swollen face and still not feeling any better. 

Back to the doctors to be told that I had burst my ear drum and the medication I had been given had spread the infection around my head. A course of antibiotics for a week cleared the infection but my hearing took weeks to return, the final part of the ringing finally went over a week ago.

During this time we had Easter, our wedding anniversary, my birthday and my husband's birthday which was quiet affairs as we both very ill (my husband was later diagnosed with a chest infection and has just finished his course of antibiotics). We took it in turns to rest and look after Bethany, we were constantly drained for our infections and medication. Bethany had sniffles for a few days and was fine the rest of the time, none of this touched her as bad as both of us (thankfully).

It wasn't all doom and gloom, we tried to make the most of the times we felt better and enjoy the sun and celebrations.

Feeding the ducks for Daddy's birthday

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