Monday, 12 August 2013

Minilemming Update - Week 18

Minilemming aged 12 weeks - Look it's waving!

I did say I wouldn't attack with too many baby updates while there wasn't a lot to report.

The morning sickness thankfully went about week 10 and by the time this was taken I was finally getting some energy levels backs. This also meant working started increasing my work load until we found another pair of hands to come and help me. I spent most of my nights coming in from work, eating and then going to sleep on the sofa or going to bed.

No one explains that in the second part that you can still feel like the baby is sucking the life force of you (insert Twilight/Harry Potter reference here). During the heat was the worst bit, you are already feeling warm with everything going on, the heat just made everything unbearable and my ankles swelled to enormous size!

There are plus sides - feeling the first fluttering's of movements cannot be replaced or described, its very strange but amazing at the same time. I also have started to buy bits for them as I've spotted them in the sales and have started 'nesting' (aka cleaning out like a mad woman). My belly is now bigger than my chest, it arrives before I do and is starting to feel very heavy.

The next 20 week scan is the end of August where I get another little look at them, and no I will be finding out th sex. As long as they are doing all great them we're happy. For now its all getting rest as I can and putting my puffy feet up until baby comes along.


  1. Aw nice to hear how you're getting on and glad the sickness has gone!
    I know the feeling when the sickness has gone, its such a relief! Yep belly grows fast in 2nd trimester, all the best and looking forward to hearing about your 20 week scan :) x

    1. Oh yeah it's growing alright, I'm starting to not see my feet. Can't even put the keyboard where I normally do. It is however, pretty awesome :)

  2. Glad to hear it is going well, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and only started to feel back to normal(ish) a few weeks ago, this heat certainly doesn't help. Good luck for your 20 week scan x

    1. You too, I go through stages of feeling great then needing to lie down for a while. I just have to capitalise on the times I feel great. x


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