Sunday, 18 August 2013

Beauty Swap with Clare (A Bit of This and That)

About late May I signed my name to a Beauty Swap organised but the retro fabulous Kat from Tales of a Pale Face. It is very simple, you get an email to say who you have got as well as contact mail, you send a lot of emails asking about likes/dislikes and arranging when. Clare and I found out that we were both going to London Meet Up at the end of July and decided to save the postage to send more surprises.
I mentioned in my emails that the pale person for me struggles to find a bronzer that doesn't turn me orange and I lacked any daytime lipsticks (all of them are mostly red!). Clare said that she kind of liked MAC lipsticks (owns 25 of them , you need help with a MAC lipstick - she's your girl!) and loved premium make up.
You can read what I got her here on her blog and see below what appeared in my little bag (beautifully wrapped up may I add, I lasted an hour before I opened them all).

Natural Collection lipsticks in Apple Blossom (on the left) and Rose Bud (on the right) - I already have one of the lipsticks and think they're really great value so it was great to see two more for my collection.

Bourjois Powder Bronzer - Smells delicious, have not tried it yet, but the other bloggers around me when I opened it, 'Ohh'd' at it and came with recommendations.

Not Pictured - Montagne Jeunesse peel off face masks - my favourite face mask brand and they have added to the collection. I also gave the exact same ones to Clare!

The one I got most excited about was:

My second ever MAC lipstick in Crème Cup - a beauty bloggers holy grail. I have worn this a few times now and it goes slightly pink on me but looks great for everyday which is what I have been looking for.

Big thank you to Kat for organising and Clare for being really generous.


  1. Hi! Nice wee swap there!!
    I am a HUGE fan of box swaps (my blog is here and the box swaps are all in the beauty box section.
    If you like, i would love to do a box swap if you would like to do one with me? I manily do all mine from beauty pages on Facebook but would love to get interacting with other blogs?
    If youd like to my email is
    Id be thrilled to do one with you!!
    Great things to do and meet some brilliant people too!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I won't be doing a swap for a while due to Bubba coming along, but I thought I'll still put this on so if anyone else is interested then they are welcome to contact you. I know Kat was also talking about doing another soon on her blog so you're welcome to check her out as well. x


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