Sunday, 17 February 2013

You and me need a chat Boots No.7

While I currently love the No. 7 range, I do have have two things have the niggled at me for a while.

My mum has used No.7 since the dawn of time and will not move, even when I offered her my Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme day cream before it launched, she did not move. She was also the first one to complain when they changed the cleanser range a few years back and I was given the information early (one of the joys of being able to work in a Boots store). I on the other hand knowing the way the industry changes was ok when they started to make changes, I knew they wanted to start competing with the 'high' brands when Protect and Perfect started to be a force to be reckoned with.

They then updated everything on the range, new look, new packaging - Great it looked more of a professional brand rather than high street. This was OK until I came to be my favourite remover ever. I have tried many eye make up removers and only 3 have not made my eyes water and go red - Lancomes Bi-Ficial, Boots own brand sensitive eye make up remover and Boots No.7. The No.7 was the Goldilocks of it all, Lancome was too expensive but worked and the other worked OK as long as it was everyday make up at about £1.50 - No.7 was just right in use and price.

Now I mentioned that the packaging had had a makeover, the previous bottle had a pump that gave out the right amount for each eye. The new bottle has a silly pour top, I know this form Lancome's that it just comes out quicker than you need. I have spent a few nights where it has gone over basins, hands, floors etc with much cursing on my side.

I know you are a company and I know that there is a profit to be had for your share holders (I used to be one after all, after a certain amount of time they are offered to staff). Without going into too much detail, as the annual reports go on for 120 pages and make good bedtime reading if you cannot sleep at night -  let's just say they make a healthy profit year on year. I also know that what I am talking about is a small, tiny part of what you sell, but I am your consumer with the money that is spent in your stores.

I also know that you want me to spend my money in your store more often to  increase revenue, this means if this product gets used quicker because it's on my carpet than in the bottle waiting to be used. I also know this is why the vouchers you issue are also a draw, I do not know of one person who does not stock up when you do these. This is my second niggle - Why have you decreased the make up but left the skincare? I now the entry price points for make up are lower thus decreasing the profit margin you get from this (and yes they still get a profit when vouchers are done).
Boots, I'd admire how far you've come over the past few years, 10 years ago in my local store you shared a stand with Max Factor and now you dominate a huge amount of floor space with your black stand. The advisors you have are more training into make up and skincare, while before they were whoever was available on the staff rota.

Please do not get bigger than you are and forgot who you're customers are, and most of all why they love you.

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