Thursday, 7 February 2013

Purity Facial Moisturiser

I have an admission - I didn't like this the first time I've tried it, I tried it a few times and decided that it wasn't for me, I acutally put it into my make up kit and well, forgot about for a few months. It came round to my assignment work for my BTEC in Make Up Artistry and I used it on my first client.
I know the first time I tried to put it straight on which was a huge mistake, it needs to be warmed up by rubbing it between your hands. This is because of the Shea butter and coconut oil (which turns solid when cool); It also has sweet almond oil, vitamin E and Beeswax to leave the skin supple. 

I would say that is more suitable for skin that is senstive as it contains no fragrance, has no anti age concerns and wants something that is light (due to the mousse texture) but can provide skin soften moisture.
It is certified as 98% Natural and 85% Organic, with  the Shea Butter is sourced from West Africa, the Vitamin E sourced from the UK. £5.99 for high stores such as Holland and Barrett or direct from their website
This no longer lives in my make up kit bag but now on my dresser table alongside the stunning Anti-Aging Serum Mask.


  1. I think Purity is a good brand, the products are well priced considering they dont contain any crap! I have this but have not tried it yet. I need to get it out and give it a whirl! xx

    1. It's worth digging it out Grace, for the price its a good little product. x


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