Thursday, 18 October 2012

Masterclass - Ageing and it's Effects on Cosmetics

Ageing does happen to all of us, it how we react and develop to these changes that shape us.

Cosmetics are there to highlight the best of what we have, not create something that is not there. As our bodies and skin changes over the years, the way we were cosmetics is going to change with this as our needs and wants changes. Women can still looks stunning into the later years (Helen Mirren is a brilliant example), its all about understanding what is happening and adapting techniques.

The skin changes occur over time and are gradual as the skin cell reproduction slow down. Lifestyle also plays a part to this as illness and unhealthy lifestyle can speed up these processes. Exposure to sunlight also is an ageing accelerator and why it is recommnend to put on the SPF early on. Women compared to men produce less collagen so it always seem to age faster than men.

The main changes to skin structure is the thinning of the skin due to the loss of fatty tissue, this can also make it look crepe as the skin becomes looser. It will be dryer and flakier as the skin as the cells slow down reproduction and the removal of them slows down. The skin will also look sluggish as the muscles have a reduced tension, this also leads to the winkles. Uneven melanin will also lead to patchy pigmentation of the skin know as 'age spots'.

Ageing has an effect on the blood vessels caused by the decrease in elasticity in the walls of the capillaries, instead of returning to their original shape after dilating they stay permanent. In fairer skins this appears to be pink or red on the skin, on dark skins they appear less as the surface layers are thicker and can appear as darker patches.


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