Monday, 8 October 2012

Anew PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

I was one of the 10,000 people who applied to try the new Avon Anew PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33. The pack I got had 28 days of treatment in 6 little baby tubes, and is recommended to use day and night under moisturiser.

Avon says, "Gel lotion formulation with patented+ A-F33 for Avon's ultimate in fighting fine and deep wrinkles. 30ml.Our fastest wrinkle fighter EVER+U.S. patent. All cosmetic product results are achieved with continued use"

At the moment I noticed that my skin is now showing little signs of age, it's not as bright as it was nor as forgiving. As yet I have had no wrinkles show, the closest I have is lines on my forehead and that only comes because I know I can be expressive with my face.

When I started using this what I want from it is to even the tone of my skin, and make it look a little 'fresher'. During the day I used it with an moisturer with a SPF in and night with a little richer moisturise (which I did before this).

After a week my skin looked a lot more smoother, the lines I had on my forehead were lessened. Week two the lines were even lesson, but for me it was all about week three. I work in a dentist reception and one afternoon I got to talking about age to one person, he asked how old I was and I replied 30. He was shocked, he had me down at about 23 years old.

That to me is the ultimate validation that it was doing some good.

In the end I liked the result I had, I wanted it to smooth and freshen my skin, it did just that and I was overjoyed. I think it is a great product that can be added to an anti-ageing regime. I know that some people will stick their noses up that it is Avon, please do not let you put this off. For a product that can produce this kind of result for £30 (Currently on offer at £20), which with some premium lines will be £70 upwards, is phemoenmal.

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