Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mastrclass - Cleansing

Aka - Scrub-a-dub-dub

Last time we learnt how awesome skin is, so now it's time to start looking after it. The first step is to make it clean - we know that our skin is a barrier that keeps dirt out, however that dirt stays on your skin. The result is off colour skin that can be prone to spots (as dirt is one of their main causes). It can also look dull and feel gritty as dirt collects.

Every cleansers aim is to remove make up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other pollutants to the skin. This then leaves skin look a lot brighter, cleaner and smoother, but also makes a clear smooth canvas that any make up that goes on easily and bringing out the best of what you use. Out there, there are different kinds of cleanser/washing/scrubbing items, my aim in this is go through each one so you can make correct decision for your skin:

Cream/Lotion/milk cleanser - This is the main one you will see on the market, it works massging it into the skin and then using a cotton pad to wipe over the skin (using it damp so it doesn't drag on the skin and makes it less irritable for the skin). Cream is the richest that is best for dry skin, while lotion/milk is the lightest and is best for less drier skin.  I wouldn't use these on your eyes becuse it can sting, in the next few weeks we'll go through eye care as well as cleansing.

Gel - Works the same as above but its a lighter consistancy. It feels much fresher on the skin and is great for oiler skins as this can still cleanse but panic the skin into producing more natural oil.

Oil - Another area that is more suited to drier skin, massage in and wipe off like a cream. The only reservaton I have about this is that it can leave a slightly oil residue behind. I have tried ones that start like oil and when apllied to skin turns into a lotion (Lancome's Huile Douceur Cleansing oil is the one I've tried), I do find that they are not really designed for heavy make wearers as it losens it but doesn't remove.

Water - On the other hand this section is becoming more popular - Lancomes Eau Micellaire has just won Instyle's Best beauty buy for the third year in a row. Put onto a pad (same again damp, you'll find you'll also use less product on this one), and swipe over the face a few times. Great for wearers of light make up and people who want something quick.

Wipes - I like wipes, they use the water cleanser from above and put into individual cloths. However, I like them for a one off been out and I know I should take my make up off but can't do the whole thing. They do not replace a routine, I've found that after I used one that I still need a good wash afterwards because I still felt like I had the cleanser on my skin (I'm a squeekly clean fan).

Washes - Usually comes in foaming gel, After wiping make up off (or use straight away if not wearing any), fill a bowl of warm water (hot can damage the skin), foam up in and rub over face. Wash off when done as easy as that! I like to use a face wash after taking make up off as I feel a lot more clean and fresher.

Scrubs - Can come in a foam or non-foaming, these contains small grains that are used to exfoliate the skin (extra washng to remove any other dirt and cells that are clinging on). Because these are mor agreesive to the skin I would only recommend to use the once/twice a week depending on the needs. i went against this when i was younger and wondered why my poor skin was bright red, it turns up and I was scrubbing my face raw (ow!). A great cost effective way is that I use a fannel to softly massage my cleanser, more gentle and still gives the same glow.

Toners - Are used to clean off excess cleanser (not instead off as this has no real cleansing active ingredients) on the skin as well as refresh. They come as a liquid that you would put onto a damp pad and then wipe over the skin. Some people love them (like my mum) and some people don't, I personally use them more for treatments to wipe any excess off but in my own routinue I find after washing my face everything is removed and it's not needed.

Cleansing the skin makes it ready for any product that you choose to put on top (rather than giving the dirt all the benefits!)

Next time - Serums

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