Thursday, 2 February 2012

Masterclass - Skin Basics

Aka. Love your biggest organ!

Your skin features heavily in beauty - There is a huge estimated at 2.1 million dollars spent in 2011, with so much invested how muc do you know about your skin?

Your skin is amazing, but I don't have to tell you that! Skin is what you see, that outer layer which covers your outer body and also clings to those things you don't want it to. It also comes in different textures, colours and finishes. The most fasinacting things about our skin is its core functions:

* Protection - Keeps germs and dirt away, that is why one key care for skin is to clean it regulary.
*Sensation - Contains your nerve endings to tell hot, cold, touch, pressure, vibation and tissue injury.
*Heat regulation - Skin contains its own blood supply greater than what it needs because it preceisely controls energy loss and retention.
* Control of evaporation - Porvides a dry barrier to loss of water.
* Looks and communication - The look of our skin can show our mood, physical state and attractiveness.
* Storage - Can store water and process vitamin D.
* Excretion - Eew! fact: Our sweat contains 1/130th of urine, yum!
*Absoption - The key componant to the beauty industry, all product administration onto the skin will penetrate part of the skin. Other parts of the body rely on this for transport.
*Water resistance - So all those lovely nuritents don't get worked out of the body.
Phew! That thing you look at everyday is a huge part of your body.
You've brought the latest thing and in the small print they point out that it only penetrates the 'Stratum corneum' and of course you go "huh?". Your skin is made of many extremely thin layers which make up three main layers: Epidermis (where stratum corneum is the top layer of this, but I'm going to keep it good and simple), Dermis and Hypodermis. Each one has it's own function:
*Epidermis - This is the part of the skin that is most nurtured by beauty products, and also is the end result of skin rejuvenation. Your skin has a 40 day cycle and ends with the skin shedding. This is why the results of a good skin routine can only be reveled after this time.
*Dermis - This is the layer that contains the collegan fibres that givens the skin its flex. These fibres are the ones that decrease with age so these are the buggers that give you wrinkles as you age as they lose they're strength. These also the ones responsible for stretch marks when these fibres are over stretched and break.
*Hypodermis - The fatty layer of the skin that holds nerve endings, blood vessels, lymph (which supports drainage), and many other complex functions. If you catch yourself and don't bleed you haven't cut deep enough to this layer.

Your skin is tough, flexible and very hard working. It deserves the best care possible to make sure that it does the best job for your body but also makes you look your best.

Next time: Stage One - Cleansing

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