Sunday, 26 February 2012

Helen's History of nail varnish

I need to admit to something, to some women it's shoes and handbags, to men its gadgets and electronnics (well my husband anyway). I am just slightly different - mine is nail varnishes.

My first one I ever got was actually given to me by my dad at the age of 8 (the last age I was allowed a kiddie party with disco, jelly and ice cream). It done by a company called tinkerbell (or something simular) and was targeted at the younger market. It was a dusky rose pink and once it dried you could peel it straight off. My parents said that I was too young for make up and had to wait until I was 16 to be allowed. I was also a massive nail biter, not a little nibble but right down to the bottom, I can't understand why its was the worst thing to do and they bleed all the time. My parents treid everything including the stuff you painted on that didn't taste right, I, in the end didn't mind it and carried on.

One day when I was at secondary school, I was in science and just decided to stop (I was about 14 at the time). Soon they grew back, this is where they broke the rule I was allowed one varnish to wear to encourage me not to chew. This was Rimmels in Magnolia, a silvery white pearl that I could just get away with at school. By the time I was in my final year, they were weapons - long, strong and sharp. I picked on most of my friends including the poor guys who hung wih us, one in particular who I am still sorry to, to this day.

By the time I was earning my own wage my love of bright varnish was full on - I remember walking into Boots and buying my first one with my new pay check - A Miss Selfridge Blue that ironically is now back in fashion. I carried on with a lot of clear varnishes as I hit my late teens, then my twenties was when not only my varnish obession but with make up generally happened (but I leave that for another time).

I started working in Boots at 20, I had a better income and was able to buy nearly the whole of the No.7 varnish range which I wore constant (at this time I was a fragrance consultant - All the alcohol used to eat away at it so I always had to keep changing to keep it fresh). My fave at this time - Damson Dream, a pink/lilac/gold which was stunning, a re-formulation is not as this one, I actually cried when I got told this was being discontinued as there was none left in stock to buy.

Then I discovered RED and how wonderful it looked on my pale skin/dark hair combo also hence my nickname and other obesession, Snow White) - I also had just started to work for Lauder and had Jungle Red (which I still have) on constant use (as well as Petal - a beautiful white/beige). I rock red, if I need a pick me up its always red and I have a lot of shades and finishes for this. Also at this time I trained as a manicurised (which to me made absolute sense with my obesession), and discovered OPI (*sigh* I love them so much).

My first trade show as a professional I went crazy at the their stall and came back with 10 different varnishes all for my personal use, which was completely wrong because as a Lauder Lady I was only allowed to wear 1 of 6 colours that they do. When I did make the decision to leave, the freedom to wear colour was overwhelming. My current role (until the business really picks up I still work full time) means I can wear varnish but it wrecks my nails often to the point of they break once a week, however I am slowly rescuing them.

So now nearing towards my thirties I am still obsessed with my hands, I never come home shopping without a new varnish (the only day I came home with 3 and a 5 pound off No.7 which no doubt will go on another). I'd rather have my nails looking amazing than be wearing make up (I told you I wasn't normal).

One final note: The poor man who got my nails constantly in his neck I married him wearing Makes Men Blush by OPI :)

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