Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bethany Update - Month 11

 This month has been, I think, one of hardest months being a Mum. To me, Beth has made the transition from baby to Toddler. She is now crawling on all fours, and can do it at some speed too. Can now reach things on a higher height, by pulling herself up onto her knees at first and now starting to get on her feet.

Beth is bright and inquisitive, she loves music by wiggling and clapping along. Hubby has an app on his phone of a piano for babies, it is her favourite 'toy' and her face lights up when she has it. Beth also loves my teething necklace from Mama & Belle, I never get to wear it as planned as Beth likes to take it on and off all day and wear it herself.

I love my little shadow, Beth follows me around and says, "Mama" when she's apart from me. I am very proud of her, being able to be at home with her is something I do treasure especially during this phase of growing as she seems to be doing something different.

It has not been a bed of roses, she has been difficult through getting frustration in learning, getting her nights/days mixed up again and being full of the worse cold she had. For myself, I have been getting hand full of hours sleep each day as well as also finally had my conception changed to stop my migraines (this I will write about on it's own as it's an interesting update), after a small blip it's seems to be working.

The month has been hard but the light at the end is Christmas. The past week and half have been brilliant, I've finally made a playgroup for the NCT Christ mas party, all dressed in her Mrs. Claus outfit she looked adorable. We followed this by seeing Santa the next day with Daddy, she was OK for a minute but soon was crying for Daddy but they soon chatting away. She has just had her photo published in the local newspaper with the rest of the local children.

The next update will be her 1st birthday, which I really cannot believe. This time last year I was 38 weeks pregnant and waddling all over the place. Now, I have the most beautiful little girl, who loves Christmas trees and is going to get very spoilt by all our family over the next month.

Bethany keeping warm this time last year!

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