Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Migraines - Please tell me it gets better from here?

The past two weeks I have been suffering daily with migraines, other sufferes will know that even one attack can knock you out energy wise for days, I have been suffering from them from the late 90's, in my teens I had symtons of a stoke while I was at home. It turns out that the numbness in the side, loss of speech and blurred vision was an aura miraine.

At first I got told painkillers and rest when an attck happens, as the number of attacks increased I was put on preventive medication called Imigran. You would spray this up your nose at the first signs of an attack, for me this failed I ended up feeling so out of it that I was sent home from work after going an a rant about the word 'nice' in my drug soaked state.

I continued to carry on for a few more years until April last year, when I suffered my worst attack. I was rushed to hospital after it was suspected that, yet again, I was having a storke this time I had all the symtoms as well as I lost my memory for four hours. I forgot what day it was, who was the prime minister and even what I just had for tea.

I was recommnded to go to the doctors and get investigated, all they did was put me on beta blockers to prevent attacks long term. He was shocked that I had no been anything long term after looking at my medical history. I was prescribed Propranolol, once a day in a low dose to help curb attacks. In the short term it did, but the side effects were the worst, I would wake up in the night screaming from nightmares. I then found out I was pregant and had to stop taking them anyway.

I took them for a short time after Beth's birth, as well as returned onto my pill, Cerazette, I started to get headaches and migraines. Being a tired new mum, I thought it was down to the odd hours I was having due to a newborn baby. Now Beth is 9 months, I decided taht it can't just be tha and saw the doctor. 

We now have a new theory that this is the tablets I am taking, so now I need to find an alternative, if this doesn't work then we try something else. For now I live everyday with the thinking that I might/might not get an attack and pray it's on the days that I have nothing important I need to do.

What's your migraine story?


  1. Oh no, I have suffered from migraines before, but no where near your extent, so I really feel for you. I hope they find the right medication for you soon. It cant be nice living in fear of your next attack.

  2. So sorry you're suffering and I wish I could tell it will get better soon but, until you find the right combination of medication and trigger-reduction, it probably won't any time soon.

    Your experience last April sounds very similar to something my mum has, first thought to be TIAs (mini-strokes) but now thought to be Transient Global Amnesia. She's right as rain most days but it's always a scary few hours when she's had an attack.

    My chronic migraines are vestibular and the vertigo they give me is usually worse than the headache, but I get the extra treat of tinnitus too so it's all good fun. Because the symptoms are so wide-ranging no drugs work once an attack starts so I'm on a preventative (low dose amitriptyline) which I take before bed every night and that is reducing frequency.

    I hope you find some answers, it's horrid to live with and planning anything is a nightmare! Take care x

    1. Thanks for the comment, I know it's a matter of trail and error before we get something that works and I know what works for one person might not work for me. The Doctors are being as helpful as they can in finding something that works, so far I've had a week with no attacks and one this week so hopefully they are improving on their own.

      Thanks to both of you for your support :)


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