Monday, 13 October 2014

Truffle Shuffle Wishlist

  1. Ladies Grey Marl DC Comics Batman Slogan T-Shirt
  2. Wonderland Bunny Cotton Tail Cotton Wool Dispenser 
  3. Disney Couture Braver Than You Believe Winnie The Pooh Bangle
  4. Ladies Snow White Never Too Old Wide Neck Sweater   
  5. Ladies White Pat Sharp And The Twins Fun House Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt
  6. Ladies Grey Marl Batman Logo Sweater 
  7. Ladies Pinky And The Brain Take Over The World T-Shirt
 I love Truffle Shuffle and by the end of this if you don't realise this then there's something wrong with you. 

I tripped over them in 2009 and fell in admiration of their love of everything geeky, nerdy and the pleasure of being a big kid. My first order with them was to order a Top Gun Viper t-shirt to give my husband on the morning of our wedding (His gamer name is VIP3R). I've lusted over number 7 for as long as I've remembered, they've recently re-designed it and it looks as good as ever!

I've had the honour of winning one of their Friday Facebook competitions and won £25 to spend on the site (as well as my cousin in law). The biggest thrill was recently featuring as one of their Instagrammers for my picture of my bargain (£3.99) Mickey Mouse ears necklace.

 The customer service are brilliant, you can tell they love their job, I had a long chat with one when I won their competition and they were over the moon it was a fan who won it. The social media guy(s) are also just as great, which in this day is good, they never step over the mark and are just as big geeks/nerds as their customers.

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