Wednesday, 8 October 2014


We had lots of excitement on Sunday night as Beth had her first tooth emerge, oh how little did I know how quickly that would go!

My poor little girl is suffering because I don't think there is one coming through but two. We have lots of teething gel, powders as well as Sophie the Giraffe who is being chewing within an inch of it's life (Sorry to my friend, Michelle, who leant it to us!). I also have cooled teething rings in the fridge which have been a huge help.

However, she is grumpy and grizzly. Beth constantly wants her Mummy, I put her down to even go to the bathroom she has a meltdown. It is breaking my heart as I hate seeing her suffering, I know it's part of her growing up but I honestly don't know who has cried more over the past few days: Me through lack of sleep and upset or her through the pain.

In short, I am getting nothing done at the moment so please bear with me while I cuddle my upset Beth and try to keep up with life as she finally settles to sleep. On the good side, she now can stand supported (and unsupported hanging onto the sofa for a few minutes) as well as pushing herself along in a walker. We also sat unaided for the first time today too. It seems the first tooth emerging has started something off!

Got any tips for me?

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