Friday, 5 April 2013

Money Talks by Dainty Doll

I am pale and being a pale woman I wanted to try the Dainty Doll range created by Girl's Aloud Nicola Roberts. She was inspired by her own struggle to get cosmetics that will suit her skin that wouldn't look orange or make her look like Coco the Clown. This echoed my sentiments exactly.

Like the whole entire female population that has access to the Internet, I ordered my Dainty Doll items from Fragrance Direct. I spotted them annouching it on their twitter that they've just started stocking it. I ended up investing in the palest foundation, concealer, wonderbalm and this blusher. I still have to try the others as I am still using the last of  what I'm currently using now.

The blusher I had previously just wasn't looking right on me and decided one day to dig this out and see if I could find a new improvement.

I like the colour in the pan, it's a mixture of bronze and plum with shimmer. The compact is the size of a small mug, so it fits snugly in my small palm (I do have very small hands). The mirror in the back is the size of the lid and clear. I actually use the mirror from this a lot because it's the perfect size.

The pigment of the blush provides a good cover of colour with one layer, I find this is prefect for me as I do have high colour on my cheeks. It's lasts the whole of my 8 hour shift which is the key thing for me, I have a busy day job and don't have time to top up really.

Please excuse the spots this is when my skin broke out - Grr

This has now made it into my everyday make up bag, I whole heartily recommend this. It normally retails for £13.50 while I got mine for £1.99 (P&P starts at £1.99 with Fragrance Direct). I would however pay the full price for this because it is so rare to find a blusher that makes me lot health and suits my skin tone. I cannot wait to try the rest of the items I have from the range.

Any other Dainty Doll love out there?


  1. Looks like a beautiful colour, I hear Dainty Doll has gone into administration though :( xo

    1. Makes sense getting it for a great price, better mass buy then! Thanks for the info! x

  2. Ooooh this is pretty! I picked up a pink blush from Dainty Doll so I'm excited to try it!

  3. I've been meaning to try Dainty Doll for ages being a pale lady myself. This looks lovely!xx

  4. Oh it looks so pretty on you! I love it :)) I bought all these blushes as they look gorgeous! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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