Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Invaders Must Die (Yes Spots I Mean You!)

If you follow me on Twitter (@unevenlemming) you will know that over the past two months my work load has increased, I've moved home and have completed (and passed) my BTEC course. This has shown through my skin which has broken out in spots around my jawline.
I put out a plea over Twitter for help as my normal reserve wasn't working, Lipglossiping answered and suggested I try a simple aspirin mask. This involves taking 5 uncoated aspirin tablets (I used soluble ones that are from Tesco's for about 55p) mixed with water and a little honey. You then would put this on the affected area for 10 minutes and wash off.

The Salicylic acid, a form of Beta Hydroxyly Acid, acts as a anti-inflammarty. It is not suitable for people who have allergies to aspirin or dry/sensitive skin. However, it is wonderful when something so simple and cheap really works. It noticeably reduced the redness as well as the pain of the inflamed skin. In between I used my Witch Blemish Stick the best spot treatment I have had (I also love the Anti Blemish Primer).

If they are really inflamed and none of the above had not worked, I go to the extreme - I extract the bugger out! As this is has a risk of leaving scarring behind I only will do this if there is no other choice (and it can really hurt, I have a low pain threshold). I make sure that the skin is clean and warmed, this makes it more acceptable to being played with,  roll the skin using my finger with clean tissues until the white core is out. Keep as clean as possible and leave to heal on it's own.

I've also added a new product to my spot fighting arsenal - Skinetica, a liquid skin treatment that is wiped over clean skin. It's active ingredients reduce developing spots. In the weeks since I've started using it I have seen an improvement in the reduction of them as well as no new breakouts. For 100ml it is £10, it is on the more expensive side so I use it more for when do spot the start of a breakout. They do offer a sample bottle where you just pay the £1 postage.


  1. I LOVE Skinetica :) it's such a good product xx

    1. A-maz-ing product, ticks all the spot fighting boxes! xx


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