Monday, 18 March 2013

Getting Back My Get Up and Go

As you have read before the past few months have been a real strain on my body. I've have been lacking in energy, feeling constantly tired and relying more on sugar/caffeine drinks more than before. I was exchanging emails with Kerry, one of the founders of Nature's Heathbox,  and mentioned this to her. She recommended that I try these as they have benefitted one of her family, and sent me two months worth to see if they were any use to me.

After doing a little search around on the benefits it sounded like something I really would benefit me: Increases stamina and energy, soothes nerves (recommended with people who suffer anxiety), strengthens immune system and enhanced sexual function (not that I need this but it raised an eyebrow with the husband). Like with any supplement I made sure that it wouldn't affect anything I was already taking, after the all clear I started taking these one day after meals.

After a few days I did notice a energy change, while I was still a little tired I was reaching less for the stimulates. After a week I did fell a increase in my energy levels, I did literally have a spring in my step. I was less stressed and felt I could handle more than before. I am now a month later and I still have the energy levels of before. My immune system has taken a beating, I am currently writing this from being wrapped up in a duvet with a viral infection, however I do feel I will bounce back from this sooner than I would normally (I'm on day two of this and normally I wouldn't be up, dressed and typing).

This for me has worked and as the for the enhance sexual function - you'll need to ask my husband about that one.

Many thanks again to the fabulous team at Nature's Healthbox


  1. do they leave that horrible vitamin taste in your mouth? x

  2. No they don't, I took mine with plenty of water x


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