Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bethany's Ezcema Dianosis

A few months ago, Beth wouldn't settle to sleep, she was quietly crying for attention. In the end we gave her a cuddle, a clean nappy and she fell asleep soon after. It wasn't until the next morning as I did her morning change that I noticed something very seriously wrong. She had been awake scratching her bum red raw which had bled.

I used some protective cream as it had healed over and kept an eye on it every change. Then a few nights later I woke at 3am to the sound of rustling and scratching, I grab her straight out of bed to find that she had scratched all the scabs off for it to start bleeding again.

We departed for the doctors the next day, who had given us an instant appointment after a triage phone call. The doctor took one look and instantly said that it was infected, not only that that she had been scratching in other places and that the main cause was eczema.

I was so upset, how did not notice this? I felt such a bad mother that my poor little girl had been suffering and I did not know. It has been inherited from both Hubby and I as we are both hay fever suffers (I then found out it is in our families too), and I felt even worse. The heat wave has added to her misery.

We finished a week long course of steroid and antibiotic creams to heal her as well as 3 times a day of cream (Cetraban) to keep her skin from any more break outs. We've been told for now that we have to cut out all soaps like bubble baths (which she loves) and using any to wash her skin (I do use a tiny amount of hair shampoo as she likes to rub food etc. in there!).

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  1. one tiny glimmer of hope here is that babies who have eczema tend to grow out of it, whereas I got mine at 12 and at 26 still have it. BEst thing I have used is pommade divine remedy balm (try not to use steroid all the time as it thins out skin and a babies skin is already pretty delicate) you can get a bath wash from oilatum which is really good it makes a really soothing bath milk.
    hope it eases up for the little one, its such a horrible thing to have


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