Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bethany Update - Months 16/17

I have been paranoid the past few months about Beth's walking, talking, well development generally. It feels like we take one step forward and a few steps back. She started getting more confident in walking and then for about two weeks she refused to do it (even for chocolate!). Today as I write this we went to my friend's Christening and she wanted to walk the whole day amongst the trees and grass, to then go on to walked the length of our flat back and forth for nearly an hour.

I do wonder that the walking hiatus is because she wanted to concentrate on her talking, her know words are much more clearer like Mama, Dada, Nana and No. She has also been trying newer words but they are not quite developed yet. I can see her frustration at me not understanding her and this can be upsetting for us, this can cause times where I cannot cope with her.

Another milestone was reached as I finally got her haircut for the first time so she could see through her fringe. She was the perfect little girl, didn't even flinch, a very proud Mummy.

It has not helped that we both been ill again, Hubby and I contracted norovirus the beginning of June and I have been suffering another cold (I think we are up to number 4?) after Beth had it for a week. If it's going round, at least one of use while come down with it.

We did have a rest bite from illness and went to Weymouth for her first walk on the sand thanks to my parents. Weymouth was where I used to go for my seaside holiday every year with my parents and they wanted to carry it on with Beth. I think she had a good time, played in the sand (without eating it), as well as wanting to walk round Monkey World. It was a welcome break to see my old haunts.


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